Presentation of interim report

On October 15, in Mtatsminda Park, the presentation of the interim report of the project of Urban forest landscape restoration and recreation infrastructure development of Tbilisi, funded by the international charity fund “Cartu”, was held. “Development and Environment Foundation” implements the project in agreement with Tbilisi Municipality City Hall.

The presentation of the research part of Tbilisi’s urban forest was attended by Mayor of Tbilisi – Kakha Kaladze, Head of International Charity Fund Cartu – Nika Chkhetiani, Minister of Environmental protection and Agriculture of Georgia – Levan Davitashvili, Deputy mayor of Tbilisi – Maya Bitadze.

At the presentation, the researchers involved in the project presented the sectoral research report of the urban forest of Tbilisi, the results obtained as a result of the research and the visions of the further development of the mentioned area.

Giorgi Gotsiridze, director of the organization “Geographic” and doctor of geographical science, spoke about the geological, urban planning, architectural, transport, cadastral, cultural heritage studies carried out in the research area.

Irina Danelia, Doctor of Biological Science, spoke about phytosanitary research. Botanical research was presented by Doctor of Biological Science – Nikoloz Lachashvili. Niko Kerdikoshvili, master of ecology, informed the participants about the zoological research. Landscape and environmental research was presented by Gia Sofadze, Doctor Of Geographical Science. Economic and development consultant – Etuna Munjishvili spoke about the economic and touristic possibilities of the area.

At the presentation, the researchers noted that the slope of Mtatsminda, which is the main recreational axis and appearance of Tbilisi, despite its small area, is distinguished by a high rate of biodiversity. There are rare species included in the Red List.

At the end of the event was held a greening action. The mayor of Tbilisi and the invited guests planted trees on the slope of Mtatsminda.

At the presentation, attention was focused on the strictly untouched areas indentified by various branches within the scope of the research, as well as on those places where it is possible to carry out certain works with appropriate regulations.

The main goal of the Tbilisi Urban Forest Project is its landscape restoration-rehabilitation, transformation of the exisiting slope into four seasons, which means the cultivation-rehabilitation ef evergreen and deciduoud trees, as well as shrub and grass cover

The projcet aslso envisages the creation of footpaths fot both tourism and sports for fans of extreme sports, roads for mountain bikes and various additional sports activities will be provided. There will be benches, picnic areas, trash cans, outdoor lightning systems.

We remind you that the research area is located in the southwestern part of Tbilisi and cover area of about 700 ha, which includes the areas surroundig Turtle Lake and Mtatsminda Park and is separated from Okrokana settlement in the south. It includes the territories where the plots owned by legal and natural persons of private and public law are not included only Tbilisi sel-geverning unit and state-owned lands.

Within the framework of the project, researchers were conducted in the following directions – assessment of the physical condition of green plants/entomology, botany, zoology, landscape science, geology, environmental protection, path planning, tourism, land ownership, urban planning, transport, architecture, cultural heritage, economy.

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